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Sacred Art of the Ori (Siana in New Orleans)

Who saw Beyonce's Visual Album "LEMONADE?" If you didn't, watch it now it is an amazing work of art! If you did, do you remember the amazing tribal body art in the "SORRY" Video? If not watch it again and get a refresher! ;-) Ok now that we are on the same page, the body paint in the "Sorry" video is the "Sacred Art of the Ori" done by Laolu a Nigerian born Artist currently residing in NY. Laolu's sole purpose is to create a Spiritually Intimate Experience. Laolu Connects his essence along with his Muse to illuminate the Minds, Bodies, and Souls on Higher Level. He paints their Spirit and Soul from that Connection and uses the "Sacred Art of the Ori" to Breathe Life into both him and his Muse.

"In my language, Yoruba "Ori" literally means your essence, your soul, your destiny and also comes with a mantra. When I work with a muse, the muse, their Ori, and I become one. My Art form is physically drawing what's on the inside, what's in your soul, and your essence and being; on your canvas which is the skin. It's the deepest most spiritual experience I've ever had with my Art as an artist. It's amazing and energizing. The connection is phenomenal." ~ Laolu Senbanjo

"Ori" is the main support of a person. The Ori is comprised of our destiny and character, its our spirit our head. Its the part of us that makes decisions through our own free will. Its our inner truth and guidance. Our Ori helps keep us on track moving towards our ultimate purpose. Its that voice that tells us whats best for us and what serves our highest good.

From the first moment I saw Beyonce's "LEMONADE" I recognized the large amount of references to the Yoruba Spiritual system and felt the power immensely when I saw the "Sorry" video. In the visual album "Lemonade" Beyonce referenced going through a spiritual initiation & awakening, there was a huge amount of symbols assigned to the Orisha Oshun, she featured the music duo "IBEYI" Orisha practitioners who infuse Yoruba Chants in their music, and of course had Yoruba Art painted on her dancers by Laolu.

Why is this Relevent?

Because once I saw the connection between Beyonce, Laolu "The Sacred Art of the Ori", and Ibeyi (Who happen to be my favorite musicians) I proclaimed that I will one day be blessed with the opportunity to work with them. After seeing "Lemonade" I started reading up on Laolu and following his Journey. He's painted some of the most enlightened and profound individuals from Beyonce, Willow Smith, Ibeyi, and more...


Last week I looked at my Instagram feed and saw a picture that Laolu posted saying he was in LA and was looking for a Muse. He posted an email to send inquiries, I did and got no response. Last Friday the day I was leaving to go to New Orleans I decided to reach out to him asking if he would be in New Orleans at the Essence Fest and he replied with YES! It just so happened that he needed a Muse to help with "MY BODY, MY RIGHTS" a campaign he's doing with Amnesty International a Non-profit organization who work to protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied. They are Currently the world’s largest grassroots human rights organization, that investigate and expose abuses, educate and mobilize the public, and help transform societies to create a safer, more just world. They received the Nobel Peace Prize for their life-saving work.

The "MY BODY, MY RIGHTS" Campaign's purpose is to raise awareness and stop Sexual Assault, Police Brutality, and to protect basic Human Rights. After researching the organization I knew this was something I had to be apart of, so of course I said "I would be honored to be your Muse" He sent me the info to his manager and she replied with the details. The day of the Expo I went to the Convention center and could not get in because I didn't have a Pass or Ticket! At that moment I tapped in to my "Ori" and talked my way through the barriers. Once I got in the Convention center it was huge there were hundreds of booths in there and I had no clue where to find the "Amnesty International" booth I tried calling Laolu's manager but her flight got delayed and was in the air while I was on my search. I asked around and nobody knew where the booth was not even the people who worked there. I took a deep breath and said "Ori guide me" then something clicked my legs just started to walk with conviction and my soul felt like I knew where to go. So I walked and trusted, trusted and walked and low and behold I found the booth. That's when I became the Muse of "The Sacred Art of Ori" sending a message of power and strength "My Body, My Rights!"

To join the movement go to

To follow Laolu "The Sacred Art of the Ori" go to

“In fact , the life is generous with who lives his personal legend.” ― Paulo Coelho #LivingTheAlchemist

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