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Living the Alchemist presents:

The Exodus - Africa

~A call to humanity to reset our mindset from exclusion to inclusion. And remember that we all derived from the same place.~

We are organizing a mass trip of 21 people to go to Africa to experience the culture, learn about the heritage, commune with the people, and GIVE BACK!  

What is an Exodus?

A mass departure of people a movement of a group of people on a journey to the souls promise land 



Because its important for for us to learn the truth about our culture and roots. To eliminate the misunderstanding of who we are as a people and to remind ourselves of where we came from as a unit not divided by race but united as a whole. We want to unify each other by celebrating our uniqueness without separating each other by our differences.










Do you remember who you are?

We are putting back the puzzle of Pangea, before the continents separated we were one supercontinent a connected earth, our lineage predates history our bloodline is interconnected we derived from the same ancestors and we were one race a unified humanity. No matter what part of the continent you derived from its time for us to explore our roots. Maybe your soul has a recurring urge to visit a certain country, maybe you know the heritage of your family and want to experience the culture you came from, maybe you want to visit the country where your spiritual practice originated, or maybe you want to see what its like to explore beyond your comfort zone. What ever the reason is that drives you to take a risk and start your journey Living The Alchemist is ready to walk that path with you. 


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