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The Heart Chakra

Color: Green

Center of chest


To love is to be vulnerable

To love is to take risk

To love is to give

Love is to be selfless

Love is to be self-full

To love is to be love

Spilled out blood drips from a broken heart.....

Pumps truth lost truths of things left in vein

Scarlet streams of lies held in, so stained

A heart once beating love shall not beat the same.

Faster patterns of fear sped up heart beat

held hostage by the past knows when to fleet

change of rhythm from red-black-blue.

Bruised by the neglect of constricting binds

a thrust of awakening.

Defibrillation, metal paddles of shock of what looks like lost time, a heart mended owns not what was never mine.

Oh the irony of a victim-less crime

My heart has been broken

Cracked open ripped to pieces

Thrown in the dirt

Love has been sucked out of me by a vampire Id like to call low self-worth

I've given away my most vital organ to people who have not known it's value

For so long I've thought that something was wrong with me

I've asked myself many times....

Am I enough?

Am I worthy?

Those questions alone say that I didn't believe myself to be deserving of love

So of course what showed up was a love that was

far from LOVE.......

Green Kryptonite bleeds out of a torn open heart

I have been hurt in love, weak in love, abused in love, used in LOVE

Green Labradorite placed upon my heart

I have been healed in love, inspired in love, creative in love, uplifted in


I'm grateful to have been in love

There are no losses only lessons

My capacity to love beyond bounds is a blessing

I finally love myself

Love has found me because I have found it!


Ogun warrior of light, Cut away my attachment to results.

Rid me of my need to be validated and affirmed.

Give me the strength to affirm myself.

Build up my strength in the same way you mold your iron. Give me the tools I need to release old heartache.

Take your knife and cut old ties that I have to relationships and things that do not serve me or my growth.

Ogun rewire my mind and clear my pathways to enlightenment. May I always remember that the key to love is to be connected to the source that lives within me and around me.

I need Nothing outside of myself all I need lies within.


I LOVE myself! I LOVE my family & friends. I LOVE how I'm able to problem solve. I LOVE my ability to heal. I LOVE that I'm creative. I LOVE how free I am. I LOVE how easily I connect with people. I LOVE my mind and I'm grateful to be a visionary. I LOVE my ability to inspire and uplift people through my voice. I LOVE my connection with the divine. I LOVE my gift of divination. I LOVE my art. I LOVE life and all that I experience. I LOVE That I was given the gift of Love.

I AM LOVE, Love is all that I AM.


Opening up the Heart Chakra is about releasing your sadness and loss. In order to grow you have to allow yourself to move through the grieving process.

What in your life is causing you sadness?

Sit with your emotions and write a list of all of the situations and people you feel have broken your heart. Once you are complete read the list out-loud to yourself and after each one say "I LOVE YOU"


The realization that growth has been attained and that there's still more work to do. Nothing is ever complete everything is forever unfolding. The path to enlightenment is a journey there is no destination.



Visual Concept, Creative Director, & Writer:

Siana-äiti Moirae

IG: @IAMXenophon


Sahmia Ase

IG: @Sahmiaase

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