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Black Sun: A Sonic Ritual Experience

Black Sun: A Sonic Ritual is a Mediumistic art show with a collection of experiential exercises, music, visual/performance art, mantras, poetry, & dance. The Story of the Black Sun: On April 21st, 2018 Mediumistic Shamanistic Songstress @iamXenophon and some of her tribe members participated in a 15 hr Psilocybin ceremony at one of the members home-studio. During this ritual she received messages from spirit and as a medium channeled those messages into songs. While the downloads from the divine flooded Xenophon & her tribe jammed together and pressed record. Following the completion of the ceremony Xenophon passed on the recordings, along with channeled voice memos to Sonic Alchemist Ami Kim. After receiving the sacred files Ami a conduit of Ma’at started to scribe and weave music into the recordings. Once the Sonic Alchemy was complete it was refined by Master Engineer Intricate Sound. All of these elements came together to give you what you now know as “Black Sun: A Sonic Ritual.”

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ORDER THE BLACK SUN PACKET (Workbook, Music, & Blindfold) send us an email or DM (Instagram: @iamxenophon)

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