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What does it take: 








Self Discovery


Get Ready!

You Are About To Find your Personal Legend!

Become a sponsored Living The Alchemist Sojourner...


  1. Read the book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho 

  2.  Submit an essay to   Telling us about yourself (name, age, where are you from, passions, talents, goals, ext…) what you got from reading the book, why you feel you are a Living The Alchemist Sojourner. What country, state, or place you feel is calling your soul. What do you want to experience while you are there. What do you believe your personal legend is; if you are unclear why do you think this trip will help you find your personal legend.

  3. Attach your Social media handles 

  4. Three References 

  5. Your Contact information 


Become a Living The Alchemist Blogjourner…


  1. Read the book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho 

  2. If you’re already on a journey or have one booked, and you feel that you and your journey fit the core values of Living The Alchemist we would love for you to become one of our Blogjourners and share your experiences with us on our blog. 

  3. Submit a blog post to our email                                 (all post must have a picture or video attached)

  4. Attach your Social media handles and Contact information  

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