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The Third Eye Chakra

Color: Indigo

Forehead between the brows

~I See~

How long has it been that I have been sleeping?

My eyes have been open but I wasn't really seeing.

What I considered reality was far from it

What I considered a dream was far from it

I've listened to lullabies of lies

Convincing me that my intuition wasn't real

Telling me false information about myself

My eyes have been deceived...

How could I have perfect vision but only see illusions

How long has it been that I have been sleep?

Walking around aimlessly waiting for something outside of me to save me...

It never came

They never came

She never came

He never came

Kiss me awake savior

I have bitten the apple of division I judge what is good Ive judged what was bad I have fallen to a hell that doesn't exist

I am naked thinking I need something to cover me up

I have felt unworthy to be saved

But who said I needed saving?

I have been sleep walking in a Treacherous reality

"You never needed anyone to save you child

Can't you see that you are the savior"

"The savior you seek will be found by looking into the reflection of your eyes"

"You need nothing outside of yourself all that you need lies within"

Wake up

Wake up

Wake up

To the endless possibilities that have been given to you

Embrace the visions that are revealed by your minds eye

You are a walking magnet attracting all things to you

Trust your insight

Trust your intuition

Find your truth

Meditate to receive clarity

Take into account all that has been shown to you

Open yourself up to the magic that is you....


Orunmila, Creator of all things illumine my 6 Sense.

Help me to see the truth behind the illusions of the world. Show me the coding of the universe.

May my eyes be open even when they are closed.

Allow me to see what source sees. Blind me from judgement let me see all things as equal. I want to see god in everything I look at. Protect my sight from deception let me be wise in my decisions. Remind me of my true self show me my fullest potential. Reveal to me the magic that I am capable of.

May I keep my focus on the beautiful things of life and close my eyes to things that are displeasing.

Clear my perspective so that I can see things from a place of love and hope. I know what I seek I shall find,

So I choose to search for things and experiences that inspire & uplift me.

I See

I See with my minds eye. I'm tapped into the eye of knowledge. With wisdom I See that there is no "I". I See that everything is everything and everything is nothing. I See that nothing is nothing and nothing is everything. I See all things as equals. We are the same but different, we are different but the same. I See balance between light & dark.

I See all things as divine messengers of god. I See magic and beauty everywhere. I See myself in all things. I See god when I look in the mirror. I See god when I look into you. I See love being a powerful force. I See that we are free to break rules and free to follow them. I See that all things have meaning and all things are meaningless.

I See that all things are subjected to judgement. I See that I can create my own rules and it's my choice to follow them or break them. I See that I can create my own meaning and it's my choice to doubt it or believe it. I See that all things have value if we choose to give them value. I See that I have the power to see what I want to see so I must be true to my values and look for the things that are aligned with my highest truth.


Opening up the Third Eye Chakra is about releasing all illusions you have within yourself. Look for the truth that lies underneath the surface. To unlock your Third Eye you must practice harnessing complete control over your thoughts and actions.

What has been clouding your vision?

Take 7 minutes in silence to reflect and meditate on this question. Once you're done journal about your experience and take note of the images or messages that came through during your meditation.


The realization that growth has been attained and that there's still more work to do. Nothing is ever complete everything is forever unfolding. The path to enlightenment is a journey there is no destination.



Visual Concept, Creative Director, & Writer:

Siana-äiti Moirae

IG: @IAMXenophon


Sahmia Ase

IG: @Sahmiaase

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