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The Solar Plexus Chakra

Color: Yellow

Stomach Area

~I DO~

Power what does it mean?

How does one tap into their power without overpowering others?

How can one be confident without putting down another?

Ownership of my decisions allowed me to tap in to the frequency of responsibility

To be responsible is to effectively utilize your power

To have power is to know the importance of cause and affect

To whom much is given much is required

Yellow hues of light swirling vortex of gold I use it to draw in and help manifestations unfold.

Flames of yellow remind me of the power of will

My life has been illuminated

I am clear about what I want and aware of what I have

I take inventory of the things I've let into my energy field

I get rid of that which no longer serves me and call forth the things that will elevate me

I understand the power of choice

The choices I make determine what I get back

Nothing is being done to me everything is being done through me

I am not a victim

I am not a martyr

I am a force to be reckoned with

The magic that is within me is older than time

The magic coming from me is larger than space

My Magic is power my power is God


Oshun as your river sways teach me how to move like you. Show me the power of the woman. May I be captivated by your seductive streams understanding the value of persuasion. Place honey on my tongue so that the words I speak bring sweetness to all that hear me. Oshun give me your glow. May I walk into a room and be seen for the light that I am. Yeyeodo show me the power of motherhood I ask to be a place of rest for all those who seek refuge. Oshun my wish is to embrace myself the way that I've embraced you.


I DO unimaginable things. Power seeps out of my pores reaching unseen Dimensions. I DO for those who have doubted their power in hopes that they will find belief in themselves. I establish goals and accomplish them. All that I Dream I manifest into reality. I DO work at a higher level of consciousness and convey the wisdom of the universe. I DO what my soul wants and I express my highest will.


Opening up the Solar Plexus Chakra is about surrendering all of your letdowns and disappointments. To heal you must accept and love all aspects of who you are even your mistakes.

What are you having a hard time accepting?

Write a list of all of your disappointments and letdowns. Once you are complete place your hands over your stomach and say "It's OK" out-loud to yourself 11 times.


The realization that growth has been attained and that there's still more work to do. Nothing is ever complete everything is forever unfolding. The path to enlightenment is a journey there is no destination.



Visual Concept, Creative Director, & Writer:

Siana-äiti Moirae

IG: @IAMXenophon


Sahmia Ase

IG: @Sahmiaase

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