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The Base/Root Chakra

Color: Red

Base of the spine

~I AM~


Drums have a new meaning for me

Red my heart beating passion

Drums the rhythm wakes up my spirit

Red the Base holds the fullness of sound

The foundation of creation, It all starts here!

The Closed BASE

How can one have a fear of letting go

When letting go is making room for the new

Every month the potential of my legacy is shed I'm reminded of the power of sacrifice.

What are you willing to give up to get through?


Red, Blackout the entrance to the doors that do not serve me or my highest good. Open the gates to that which will elevate me.

I come to you first with gratitude

I come to you last with humility

I come to you first with prayer

I come to you last with praise

Please be gentle with me.....

May my character be ruby

a precious stone reflecting back beauty & love

May my journey be one of ease and my path be clear and concise

As I make my way through time and dimensions

let me arrive to the places my higher-self resides

~This is my prayer for a journey unknown~


I AM One with the physical. My body is a sacred temple. My primal instinct helps me connect with all living beings and organisms. I see the value of intercourse, opening myself up, becoming one with another is a gift. I shall only give access to who I deem worthy of entering the portal to the realm of my legacy. My roots run deep traveling to the realm of ancestral wisdom. I surrender control, put behind me the old philosophy of fight or flight, survival is a given, I now choose to thrive!

I sit up tall because I know I'm supported and grounded in sacred knowledge and divine truths.


Opening up the Base Chakra is about overcoming your fears. Allow your fears to flow down the creek. Breakthrough all of the thoughts and things you are afraid of.

What are you afraid of?

Write a list of all of the fears you feel hold you back from walking in your highest truth.


The realization that growth has been attained and that there's still more work to do. Nothing is ever complete everything is forever unfolding. The path to enlightenment is a journey there is no destination.



Visual Concept, Creative Director, & Writer:

Siana-äiti Moirae

IG: @IAMXenophon


Sahmia Ase

IG: @Sahmiaase

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