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Fields of Tea (Lindsey Rubykhan in Sri Lanka)

There comes a time in life where we realize we want more. "Want" is an interesting thing because if we focus our intentions on "I Want" that implies we don't have and creates a feeling of lack or longing for something. So instead of putting energy into the place of "Want" lets shift in to a place of "I Have". Yes, its difficult to say "I Have" when it has yet to arrive but it is more powerful and grounding when it comes to the Laws of Attraction or The Secret. Once we are comfortable with manifestation from a place of abundance "I Want" evolves to "I Have" then that turns into "What can I Give." The farmer with an empty Lot sees abundance because he knows that all he has to do is plant seeds and tend to them in order to have a large crop. What if we looked at the emptiness of our life through the eyes of a farmer. We would see the endless possibilities & we would remember that each seed holds power and we can grow whatever it is that we want. We would live by this truth "We reap what we sow."

Lindsey is living that truth right now! As she starts her journey in Sri Lanka to work in the Tea Leaf fields learning the lifestyle of the natives she has a mission and goal to share with them all that she knows. She will be teaching the youth english and connecting with the parents to expand their minds by sharing with them the endless opportunities that await them.

“You must always know what it is that you want.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

For my Chai Tea Lovers out there click the picture below! The link will take you to the life changing company CHAI-4-CHANGE who figured out how to save lives with a cup of Tea. Chai 4 Change exists to change children's lives for the better. Their vision is to provide Chai to consumers & empower them to create change in their own cities as they consume daily. It's really very simple. With every bag of chai sold, they partner with a change making organization locally and globally that helps rescue and rehabilitate child trafficking victims.

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