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Love God Herself! (Gladys in Rio)

So after talking to Gladys about her many adventures in Brazil. Sharing in the joys, love, prophecy, magic, fear, breakthroughs, & alchemy. The most meaningful thing that I heard from Gladys was this. When asked what she got from Brazil, she's replied "I found myself in Brazil." It reminded me of the power that comes from that moment of self realization when everything you experience is no longer outside of you, IT IS YOU!

SHE (A Poem Written By Siana-aiti Moirae)

SHE reminded me of the one I was a time when I had direction goals something to strive for SHE fills me up with her gentle words I almost forgot what it feels like to be full, complete, filled up. With HER intention I'm getting to know me better I realized I know not of what I seek but I know who I want to BE



S-incere H-onorable E-nlightened


S-uccessful H-elpful E-nchanting


S-ensational H-istorical E-ntertaining

SHE is who I live for The place where Luna and Sun meet I look to her she looks to me creating an energetic field of light harmony unity WE

Make magic together; my love my muse the one who understands me

SHE is I AM magnificent enchanted powerful

I AM more than a Women

I AM source and as long as I'm authentic as long as I'm confident SHE will come to visit me because SHE IS ME!!

“It is said that all people who are happy have God within them.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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