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Who Is Sojourner, Gladys Nyoth!

Meet Gladys Nyoth!

Galdys has been traveling since the age of 15. Her roots residing in Cameroon Central Africa born and raised in Paris France. She has always had the fire and guts to follow her dreams. At 15 she left behind everything she knew and loved her family, school, and home country. She hopped on a plane to Los Angeles, CA to become an actress. As a teenager in a foreign land where she didn't know anybody, didn't speak the langue, and had no clue where to start to pursue her dreams to becoming an actress; her bravery is inspiring. With hard work and dedication she learned english, got an agent, built a support system, got citizenship, and laid a solid foundation in California. In her adult hood she found another passion of hers, hospitality. Her vision is to help rebuild Africa and bring awareness to people of the beauty and gems that it holds. She does this by doing experiential dinners serving authentic African cuisine she also an element of performance which illuminates the beautiful culture of different places in Africa. Gladys also has a popup restaurant thats exemplifies the African food and street life. She has been featured on many food blogs including Eater LA. Gladys is a nomadic genius and has helped build schools in Tanzania Africa, put together artist gatherings in Paris, sprinkled african seasoning all over LA, and is now embarking on her Living The Alchemist Journey in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. To learn more about this Sojourner click the link below

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