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The Birth of Initiation: 3rd Trimester (Crowning Oshun)

The birthing process, oh how it hurts.

We are trying to push through the contractions of life working hard to defeat the urge to retract

"You can't give up now you are already open"

Just one more day, push through

Tomorrow comes

Just one more day, push through

~Oshun: I Have Arrived~

Oshun: Arrival

168 hours on a mat sitting in labor in exchange

For hundreds of years of oppression

push through

7 days of stillness

The cost of reclaiming our crown

push through

7 days of prayers

The cost of opening up our crown

We Give Thanks, Give Offerings

~Oshun: Self Love Awakened~

Oshun: Awakening

7 days of sacrifice

The price of evolution

The path to enlightenment

One must go through the dark in order to know what is truly light

~Oshun: I'm Giving You Permission~

Oshun: Giving

But oh my gods, this crown is heavy

Mothers of Mothers

Gave up everything to have it

Daughters of Daughters

Did whatever it took to wear it

Grandmothers of Grandmothers

Kept its secret sacred and shared it

~Oshun: Are you Willing to Wait and Receive~

Oshun: Receiving

And So, we don't take it lightly..........


Do youAccept your Mission? Can you Carry the Weight?

Oshun: Acceptance

This crown is heavy

Our ancestors died to protect it

So we wear it proudly

The birthing process, oh how beauty hurts.

~Oshun: Be Humble Be Heard~

Oshun: Humility

True beauty where does it lie?

Is it through the eyes that we see her, notice her, call her name

Ye Ye Oshun

Is it her reflection as she gazes upon the mirror

Is it the effortless way of her ebb and flow

Is it her smell, the sweetness of honey

Is it how her body glows with the glimmer of fresh water

Is it her essence of priceless gold

Is it her love? Is it her strength? Is it her wisdom?

Oshun: Ye Ye Odo

True beauty where does she hide?

She stands tall from within behind a veil and closed eyes

One would know her by tapping in to the place her soul cries

Only then you will see your holiness abide


Ye Ye Odo: Mother of the Deepest Part of the River


The emergence of a being from the body of its mother & the start of life as a physically separate being.


The action of admitting someone into a secret tribe, practice, society or group. Typically done with a ritual.

3rd Trimester:

This is a time of eagerness. The eyes are wide open, life is starting to turn around. The nervous system becomes more developed, you now know how to breath in uncomfortable conditions, you can see the light, you have a firm grasp on life. You are prepared for deliverance your due date has arrived.



Visual Concept, Creative Director, & Writer:

Siana-äiti Moirae

IG: @IAMXenophon


Sahmia Ase

IG: @Sahmiaase


Zina Lanay

IG: @Zina_Lanay


Shawna Black

IG: @lilgrassshak

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