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The Birth of Initiation: 2nd Trimester (Spiritual Conception)

Have you ever sat quite enough to hear your inner clock tic

or listen to the rhythm of your pulse.

Our body is a work of art, but there's a fear that lies in stillness.

As I listen to the music of my body thoughts past through my mind and a knowing that once that music stops so does my life.

How can one fear death before living?

How can one avoid the end before beginning?

We come to revelations like this when we are quite and alone.

~Earth: Get Grounded ~


I heard my heart beat for the first time. I've been breathing for so long without taking the time to listen to the source that gives me breath. I've been living for so long without taking the time to listen to the power that gives me life.

I heard my heart beat again, the way I heard my mothers while in the womb.

I remember how soothing it was.

In the womb, worry did not exist.

All that I needed was provided for and all that was required of me was to just


~Fire: Illuminate Your Mind ~


Before birth we are taken care of, after birth we are taken care of, after life we are..............

Taken care of, it's an interesting concept. Before existence we are taken care of so why do we question what happens after we hear our heart beat for the last time?

We come to revelations like this when we are quite and alone.

~Air: Surrender to the Winds of Change~


What is Spirit?

Spirit is in our breath, it gives us breath.

Spirit lives in our passion, it's the fire that ignites our soul.

Spirit is in our body, it's within the earth that sustains us.

~Water: Move with the Current~


Spirit is in our tears, it's the water produced from our feelings reminding us we are alive.

Spirit is what we find in the void.

In darkness Spirit creates and destroys only to create once again.


~When the Water Breaks~

Adversity Will Fall


Down Will Come Maybe

I'll Make It Through It All

When Water Breaks

Like the Artist Spirit loves a blank canvas, it is only when we are stripped of everything that Spirit gets to shine.

So surrender to the Artist allow her to paint you.

Invoke her!

Allow her to move you, shift you, shape you.

Respect her, allow her to fuel you.

Be her and let her be you .

~Spiritual Contortion: Get Comfortable With the Uncomfortable~

Emerging through the Canal: Spiritual Contortion

~Get In Your Element~

Become like air so that you can move through all things

Like wood be the building blocks of the world

Have the strength of metal built strong enough to withstand anything

Be one with the earth so that you can be the foundation of all creation

Be like the fire so that your passion burns away all infirmities

let your light expel all darkness

Be water my friend

Shape shifting constantly changing form while going with the flow of life.

Water the blood of the earth, it is the source of all life.


The emergence of a being from the body of its mother & the start of life as a physically separate being.


The action of admitting someone into a secret tribe, practice, society or group. Typically done with a ritual.

2nd Trimester:

Most call this part of pregnancy the "Honeymoon Period". Pain starts to subdue and you start to feel life inside of you. It is said that during this trimester sleep time may be marked by vivid dreams reflecting on whats to come.


Visual Concept, Creative Director, & Writer:

Siana-äiti Moirae

IG: @IAMXenophon


Sahmia Ase

IG: @Sahmiaase

Body Paint:

Shelley Bruce

IG: @ArtistShelleyBruce

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