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The Birth of Initiation: 1st Trimester (Wombman)

Think of an embryo and it's fixed position of surrender.

It must take an enormous amount of trust knowing that you are connected to a being that you haven't yet met. You know this being exist because something in you is aware that if the cord that connects you to this source gets cut prematurely, you will never have the opportunity to see the face of that which has been sustaining you for all of this time.

~Embryonic Stage~

Embryonic Stage

Think of the fetus and it's fixed position of humility.

It must be humbling knowing that there is something greater than yourself.

That you are merely apart of a bigger plan one that you have to wait to step into.

That you live inside of a powerful entity that you have yet to see but heard so you know that it exists.

~Fetal Period~

Fetal Period

Think of an infant and it's wonder. Being in a new environment learning new ways to receive nourishment figuring out how to communicate with its caregiver going with the flow and knowing that wherever it lands it's in good hands.

~Fetal Growth~

Fetal Growth

Think of the toddler and it's eminence amount of curiosity with a willingness to try new things without the fear of failing or judgement.

The toddler and it's free spirit, imagination, and authenticity.

Is that not you?

Weren't you once an embryo which evolved into a fetus who defeated death when it emerged through the birth canal?

Didn't you become an infant adapted to your surroundings and gained the wisdom and freedom of the toddler?

Transparent Pregnancy Glow

Sometimes we forget that we were born with faith,

that the first moments of our existence were orchestrated by trust & belief in a power greater than ourselves.


The emergence of a being from the body of its mother & the start of life as a physically separate being.


The action of admitting someone into a secret tribe, practice, society or group. Typically done with a ritual.

1st Trimester:

The most crucial and active part of development. You are now experiencing mourning sickness for your old self, but you accept it because you can see new things arriving everyday.


Visual Concept, Creative Director, & Writer:

Siana-äiti Moirae

IG: @IAMXenophon


Sahmia Ase

IG: @Sahmiaase

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