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Stranger Things, Hitchhiking (Sophie & Amelie from Quebec)

What are some of the things you've heard about Hitchhikers? The main theme I heard is "It's Dangerous" Well after looking on google you would be surprised that there are way more articles on why we should pick up Hitchhikers than why we shouldn't. Hopefully after this story you will be more inclined to take a risk and support someone you see on the side of the road.

Yesterday I happened to come across the show "Stranger Things" on Netflix. I watch a part of episode 2 and was intrigued by this character who was lost and taken in by some young boys and givin shelter. When they asked her what her name was she rolled up her sleeve and showed them a tattoo on her wrist of the number 11. Why is this relevant?

On my way to work this morning I saw these two girls on the side of the road with large backpacks, thumbs out, and two signs made out of cardboard. My initial reaction was to keep driving, so I did. As I was driving I couldn't stop thinking about the times I needed support and someones trust so I decided to turn around and go back and get them. I'm so glad I did! They had a profound story. They hitchhiked all the way from Quebec Canada to Los Angeles with the goal to making it to San Francisco. They took 7 rides and meet hundreds of people while on their journey. They caught a ride with a trucker who let them hang with him for a few days, met some people who let them ride with them through Canada for 3 days, caught a ride with 5 hippies and was with them for a few days, meet some guys who let them crash on there hotel floor, caught a ride with a guy who took them to his home in Malibu and let them stay in his guest house for a week for free, and met so many people who gave them food, money, and shelter. I thought it was fascinating that two young women could take a risk and breakthrough the fear of failure or the fear that there family and friends instilled in them about traveling in this way. They we so vibrant, free, caring, and inspiring! They reminded me that we are always taken care of and we can achieve anything if we just commit and believe. These girls had NO FEAR! Yes there were times when they had to stand in the hot sun for hours without water waiting for someone to stop, yes they had to use discernment and turn down some rides, and yes at times they wanted to give up. BUT THEY DIDN'T! Because of their TRUST and COMMITMENT they were able to make it across the country with just plain WILL and DETERMINATION. Lets all learn from Sophie & Amelie that when we decide to take a risk and trust our gut the universe makes things go in our favor!

Pay attention to the signs of the universe! If you recall earlier in this post I mentioned how I felt a connection to the tattoo of the number 11 that the Character had on her wrist. Well look at the picture I took of Sophie and her tattoo. Coincidence or Synchronicity this is what happens when you listen to the language of the Universe! This is Living The Alchemist!

“In fact , the life is generous with who lives his personal legend.” ― Paulo Coelho #LivingTheAlchemist

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