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Sankofa Doors & Decorated Portals (Ami in South Korea)

When I first arrived the Republic of Korea, something that grabbed my attention almost immediately was the decoration of the doors. The doors or "portals" as I like to call them have patterns of ancient newness inscribed on many of them as entrances to homes. What also struck me as amazingly synchronistic was the amount of sankofas woven into the metal adornments of the doors in my neighborhood. Through my travels it has shocked and yet also comforted me to see the sankofa in places all over the world from Korea to Costa Rica, California to Bangladesh.

Speaking specifically of the Republic of Korea, it is abundantly present on door decorations and eludes to the deep nascent aspect of African culture in Asia. It is said that one of the first great migrations of the African San people was to East Asia (and these people later became known as the "Mongols" or "Mongolians"...of which many Koreans share ancestral lineage).

These sacred symbols including those of the sankofa, flower of life, ankh and many others leave us clues as we travel and for me, it is has been a great confirmation of the boundless African legacy and empire still interwoven into the stretches of the globe.

Since portals are physical embodiments of spirit entrainment, I am thankful to engage with the ancient yet new presence of eternal culture everywhere.

This blue portal is one I see frequently in the morning walking out of my palace and at the top, it is adorned with sankofas: a symbol of immortal home, everywhere.

I've also attached a few other doors that struck my third horizon in passing and wanted to share. Maybe you will find other sacred symbols and we can continue to discover ourselves in every entrance :)

“All things are one.” ― Paulo Coelho, #LivingTheAlchemist

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