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Metallic Portals; Locked Doors! (Ami in South Korea)

How many times will we get to a locked door in our lives and give up? Because every locked door that we come to is an opportunity for us to overcome and prevail. Doors are portals leading us to passages that user us in to places where we either gain knowledge, serenity, information, connection, inspiration, abundance, wisdom.... What doors are you choosing to walk through? And if the door you choose is locked are you willing to do whatever it takes to get in! We can choose to marvel at its beauty waiting for someone to give us a key or we can knock until somebody answers. There's also the case of not realizing that we had the keys the whole time or the door was locked to spark creativity in us in figuring out another way to get in. The point is, just because the door is locked doesn't mean what's behind it isn't for you. How bad do you want to get in to claim what's yours because if you are committed to getting in YOU WILL!

"And when you can't go back, you have to worry only about the best way of moving forward." ~Paulo Coelho, #LivingTheAlchemist PSA: This is not a post promoting or encouraging people to break into places that aren't theirs this is a post encouraging people through symbolism to never give up on their goals in life and to do what ever it takes to achieving them.

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