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Dysfunctionally Mind-Blowing (Gladys in Rio)

If you read my earlier blog post about Gladys you are aware of her goals to raise awareness and eliminate the corruption of the African government. The first way she's doing this is through her restaurant "Mbombo". Her love for hospitality has inspired so many and now she's in Brazil learning authentic recipes to bring back with her to the states. This picture is just a glimpse of her journey in Brazil as a restauranteur, as she joined a cooking class in Rio to learn from a Brazilian Chef!

Here's a message from Sojourner Gladys Nyoth:

I am OFFICIALLY BOOKED FOR THE WHOLE YEAR and I am happy to announce that Mbombo is coming back with our experiential dinners starting June 5th, as I've partnered up with Feastly where Ill be cooking, serving and hosting our amazing African Experiential dinners every other Sunday in the Art District for only $65 but this time, Ill be back in the Kitchen and be the main Executive "Chef" for the culinary execution part of it!!!!

So now you have two ways of checking African cuisine.

1) via my PopUp in the Art Distrist (Mbombo: The PopUP), where Mbombo and the Daily Dose Cafe partnered up to make organic african wrap to revolutionize the street food vending world of LA!

2) Via a full on 5.5 meal course with South African Wine and Surprise performance with Feastly, every other Sunday debuting June 5th.

ABOUT MY BRAZILIAN TRIP: All i can say is traveling alone and answering God's call has been so rewarding in gaining my authenticity, which what was the missing link to my journey. To follow my journey go to #LivingTheAlchemist

IN REGARDS TO MY ACTING CAREER: I miss it a whole lot, but i was losing myself out of desperation in pursuing the next level for a bigger role, instead of enjoying the present in my journey.

NEVER EVER LET A RELATIONSHIP, A CAREER, A SOCIAL STATUS OR THE LACK OF LIVING IN A FAVORABLE ENVIRONMENT DEFINE YOURSELF. I was dying doing that and now..F*&K, now I can cry just by thinking about how dysfunctionally mind-blowing life is (with its up and down) by simple…BEING...

"The treasures of life reside with us, while enjoying the moment and worry less about the tomorrow." ~Gladys Nyoth

“Give yourself freedom to try out new things Don't be so set in your ways that you can't grow.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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