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Alone, Far From Lonely! (Gladys in Rio)

We all need to learn how to be alone instead of being lonely. Its hard to be alone because when were alone we are forced to BE with ourselves with all of our greatness and insecurities. Being alone is one of the hardest things to do. Naturally we are pack animals, we are designed to live amongst each other and depend on each other for survival. Thats why it's so tough to be alone because technically it is unnatural. But we all will be ushered into being alone at some point in time. So its important that we learn how to BE with ourselves. The first step to BEing with yourself is learning how to be your own best friend. When we have alone time instead of letting our insecurities and doubts get the best of us, lets use that time to motivate ourselves and brainstorm on our next move and map out strategies to help us achieve our goals. The truth is we are never alone, once you realize that truth you will never be lonely. Being alone is a state of BEing, Loneliness is a state of mind. When we are alone we have the opportunity to get to know ourselves thats the only way we learn who our authentic selves are. We have a choice to be alone and empowered or lonely and defeated. We have a choice to stand in abundance or loathe in lack. When we embrace the art of being alone the lie of lonelieness dissipates because we realize that we are abundant with self and we no longer place all of our goals and dreams in other people.

Have you ever stopped yourself from moving forward because you were waiting for someone to come on a journey with you? Well how much longer are you going to wait for someone else to be the determining factor on if you make it to your destination or not. What if the people you've been waiting for to walk your path with you, you meet along the way and the only reason why you feel lonely is because you let fear stop you from moving forward into the place you will meet the people meant to walk beside you. I guarantee you if you start walking your journey and stop waiting for people to come along with you, as you walk your walk people that you pass by will join you.

"The Best part of traveling alone is being random and letting bonds takes place out of nowhere. Exploring the unknown can bring the best treasure in life: human connection. Copacabana beach was so much fun with these 3." ~Gladys Nyoth

“Because true love never keeps a person from pursuing their destiny” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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