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YO, WOMAN: Go to Brazil! (Gladys in Rio)

Different Script

A new scene

Same book

A new chapter A new reason to love this life all over again.

For 4 years now, Ive been hearing a clear voice in my head saying "yo, woman : go to Brazil" and always had a reason to not go. Bought tickets twice and kept on chickening out. "I'll wait for a better time" "I should be financially responsible" "People would think I'm nuts for being so random and listening to a voice" "I'm scared to face the truth... Whatever that means " "What about my obligations in LA"

If I could have kept on with my stories but I couldn't deal with myself anymore. I felt the God in me simply veiling herself with shame and disappointment . So here I am God: I have answered the call. Here..we...go!

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