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The Sojourner

On a quest to own my voice receive the knowledge and wisdom to sing my souls song and stand in my power I'm answering the call and going to BRAZIL to experience my full potential as an artist and most importantly spiritualist and priestess. No longer will I wait for things to happen to me I'm choosing to make things happen for me. I'm ready to embrace my true self. I find stability in movement and change what most consider to be a stable life I experience as bondage and chains. Freedom of expression, going where the wind takes me, jumping without a parachute knowing that I will safely land that is where I thrive. I'm comfortable with the uncomfortable and when I'm too comfortable I feel the most discomfort. I'm rich because people are my currency I love hard and connect deeply and the hardest thing I've had to accept about myself is that as I travel through the seas of my life like a cruise ship each stop and each connection comes to an end but the value in the lessons and memories are just as valuable as they would be with a best friend. "Siana go to Brazil!" I WILL!! "Siana you've been saying I will for months now how is that working for you" ITS NOT!!! "So go to Brazil" IM NOT READY!!! "Siana you were ready when you first received the message GO TO BRAZIL" IM GOING TO BRAZIL NOVEMBER 30TH #NoMoreXENOPHOBIA #acceptyourself #selflove#selfrealization #Xenophon #brazil#salvadordabahia #olodum #yoruba #priestess#babalawo #iya #oshun #umbanda #ifa 💛💚💙

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