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Feast Day of St. Barbara/Shangó (Pelourinho)

Feast Day of St. Barbara/Shangó Living The Alchemist Day 4: Today I had one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I will always remember that on this day December 4th 2015 I worshiped with hundreds of people. We met in the streets of Bahia to show the unity of our faith. All unified in our white and red, singing Oriki's, holding each other's hands as we closed our eyes to pray. The ground being left with a shine from our tears. We ate ritual food together and as we got cleansed with water as each drop hit our face we let out a shout of praise as if it was the first time we ever felt water on our skin. With The smell of Palo santo wood and sage burning in the wind as Oya guided it to our noses we took it in as if it was oxygen for our soul. In this moment we were no longer individuals, we were one! One focus, one practice, one image, one voice, one community, one love! And just when I thought it was over we started to march being lead by one force and many guides we walked together with a unifying rhythm with the sounds of the drums of our motherland governed by our Baba Shango, in this moment we chose to walk together on the same path leaving the ground we crossed over blessed and anointed by the Holy water of our sweat. And when the march was over we spent the day in our red and white celebrating and appreciating the power that brought us together. LOVE IS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE AND TODAY I WAS HEARD!

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